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SBS Modified Bitumen membrane style commercial roofing

Modified granular roofing is a membrane style commercial roofing system that has been used for over 50 years. It consists of asphalt and has plastic or rubber-based polymer binders to increase its durability. Modified granular roofing has a modified bitumen membrane.

Sometimes hot asphalt is for sealing this material. SBS modified bitumen roofing can install up to three plies, depending on the circumstances for installation. From here, membranes are welded together for increased durability. Modified granular roofing has been a tried and true commercial roofing solution that businesses have relied on for decades. This lightweight solution makes it cost effective as you can use less, all while getting more in the long-term.

SBS Roofing stands up to inclement outdoor conditions

Because of the high heat used to help this type of roofing adhere to the surface. It helps to prevent leaks long term. When there are leaks in your commercial roofing, you run the risk of water damage and mold, as well as higher heating and cooling bills with air coming in from outdoors. In addition, it can stand up to inclement outdoor conditions, from hail and thunderstorms, to harsh winter storms. They can also stand up to fire as well. In addition to using asphalt for this type of commercial roofing, granules are added to the process. This helps to increase protect from the sun’s harsh UV rays and high heat temperatures. Without this element, between a mix of the asphalt and the dark color of this material, the temperature of your commercial roof will rise, leading to poor heating and cooling costs.

Modified granular roofing can last up to 15 to 20 years

Modified granular roofing is a durable commercial roofing solution that can last up to 15 to 20 years when properly cared for. With this type of return on investment, modified granular roofing is a cost-effective roofing option that many have found to be a great return on investment, both in materials and in overall construction. As you work to decide which type of roofing is best for you, Old Dominion Roofing will help you every step of the way to determine your best pricing and durability to help you get the most out of your dollars.

SBS modified bitumen roofing contractor experts

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