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Commercial Roofing Renovations

Commercial Roofing Renovation fixes and maintains an existing roofing system. Furthermore it can be done under certain conditions to avoid an complete roofing tear off. Specifically roofing renovation is a process of restoring a roofing surface to like new conditions. Additionally this is a process that does not require a complete need for re-roofing. Moreover it reduces cost, mess and time that otherwise a new roof would.

Our commercial roofing renovation experts will offer you informed options based on your budget and needs. Because you’ll want the best and most cost effective products available for your roofing renovation. For this reason Old Dominion Roofing & Construction has the diverse knowledge of best products for exceptional roofing renovations.

Commercial Roofing Repairs

Repairs are necessary to maintain an existing commercial roofing systems. Because weather, UV, storm damage and time challenge any roof integrity. First our commercial roofing experts will inspect, locate and repair your damaged roof quickly. In the same way you can depend on  us to respond as quickly as possible to repair your roofing in case of an emergency.

Our Roofing Construction Experience

We have been installing low-slope (flat roofing) across the Virginia region. For example installations include; Warehouses, Public Libraries, K-12 schools, Correctional Centers and Armorys. Additionally our projects include  Condominiuns, Municipal buildings, Historical Structures to name a few. Furthermore we understand the complexities of providing the absolute best in industry commercial roofing installations. We ensure minimal to no impact on your daily operations. Old Dominion Roofing & Construction Inc. is your roofer of choice for commercial roof replacement services.

Commercial Roofing Renovation Experts

We are the commercial roofing renovation experts in commercial roofing, roofing repair and renovations, Elastomeric roofing coating, EPDM single-ply, Low-slope roofing, SBS modified bitumen, Metal standing seam, PVC roofing, TPO roofing, Re-roofing, Roofing renovations and repair in Richmond VA and throughout the Virginia region. Old Dominion Roofing is a member of the National Roofing Contractors Association and the Virginia Association of Roofing Professionals. Call the Commercial Roofing Renovation professionals in commercial and industrial roofing solutions at Old Dominion Roofing today at (804) 225-7164.

Roofing Contractors | Dominion Roofing & Construction

Old Dominion Roofing & Construction, Inc. was established on April 17, 1984, specializing in Flat Roofs for the Industrial and Commercial Industry. We pride ourselves on service and quality workmanship. We service, repair and install a variety of systems including: Built Up Roofs (BUR) using Coal Tar Pitch or Asphalt, SBS Modified Bitumen, APP Modified Bitumen, EPDM, PVC, Standing Seam Metal, Slate, Shingles and Gutter & Downspouts.

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