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Maintenance-Free & Waterproof Commercial Roofs in Richmond, Virginia

The fewer people with access to the roof, the better chance the roof has at meeting the basic expectation of keeping the elements out of your building in Virginia.

Because they make their living on the roof, Old Dominion Roofing installers know how to complete a watertight system, one that does not allow damaging moisture into the building. Unfortunately, when the roofing installer finishes the job, more work, perhaps by other trades, most notably HVAC contractors, may be done with possible impacts on the roofing membrane.

Someone has to get on the roof to install that equipment and at that point it’s going to be an equipment installer, not a roofing installer. It’s important to be aware of who is doing what on the roof!

Attaching equipment to the building structure, through the roof, is the most efficient method of attachment, but often such work is done without consideration of waterproofing concerns. Any attachment penetration must not compromise the integrity of the roofing system. Read More